Become a District Leader

A great way to get involved in the community experience is to explore the possibility of becoming a District Leader in the Yonkers Democratic Party.

  • The District Leader is the key contact at the grassroots level. A District Leader stands as the foundation to their political party. They are instrumental in choosing candidates to run for public office. They constantly work on getting voters out during political campaigns.
  • A District Leader is an unpaid, elected party official. Democratic District Leaders represent Democrats in their district to the county Democratic Party. District Leaders have a seat at both City and County Conventions to vote for the Democratic Party endorsement of city, county, and judicial candidates seeking office. District Leaders are charged with recruiting poll workers for the Board of Elections and monitoring poll sites on Election Day.
  • District Leaders are officially called Westchester County Committee persons. They carry petitions signed by their constituents for candidates running for office before a party primary, general election, or referendum.
  • Beyond the official responsibilities, the position of District Leader can be used as a platform to advocate for causes and to recruit volunteers for Democratic candidates all over the state.
  • Yonkers has 6 City Council Districts which are comprised of 12 Wards and 240 Election Districts. Each Ward has a Leader and Co-Leader. A Ward Leader is also a District Leader. Each Election District (ED) has 2 District Leaders. There should be 480 District Leaders in Yonkers.
  • Both a Ward Map and a City Council District Map is available for purchase from the Yonkers Planning Department at 87 Nepperhan Avenue. A List of Yonkers Wards and Election Districts can be found here.
Become a Democratic District Leader

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